young woman depositing her check with her mobile phone

Deposit a check anywhere using your mobile device with EasyDeposit, available on our Mobile App.

Download our app for Android or Apple.


  1. Write “For Mobile Deposit Only at River Valley CU” on the back of the check and endorse it.  Please keep the check for a week in case a review is required, after which you should destroy it.
  2. To avoid delays in processing or rejection of your check, please ensure that the quality of the image is clean and in focus. Blurry checks may be rejected.
  3. Deposit by 11 PM ET and your money will generally be available for withdrawal by the next business day. Holds may apply.

Still need help? Check out this video to learn more! Click Here

EasyDeposit FAQs

Who can use EasyDeposit?
Members must register for EasyDeposit before they are able to use the feature.
Members who are in good standing with River Valley Credit Union will typically be
approved to use EasyDeposit within one business day. If you have questions about
your EasyDeposit application, please call us at (616)787-7481.
How do I register for EasyDeposit?
1. Download the new River Valley Credit Union App in the Google Play Store or
the App Store.
2. Log in to your online banking account by clicking “Locked.”
3. Click on the tab “Move Money”
4. Select “Deposit Check”
5. Select “Register for Remote Deposit Capture”
6. Your application will be reviewed by our team — your approval should be
completed within one business day.
How do I deposit a check with EasyDeposit?
1. Click on the tab “Deposit”
2. Select “New Deposit”
3. Select which account you’d like your check to be deposited into
4. Enter the check amount
5. Select “Continue” to snap a picture of the front of the check, and again for
the back. Be sure the entire check is in the frame and that it is readable
and clear.
7. Hit “Submit”
8. Write “Deposited” on every check after you deposit it with EasyDeposit. Keep
deposited checks for 7 days in case RVCU needs to review your check.
9. Most checks deposited by 11 PM ET will be available for withdrawal the next
business day.

Why is my check on hold?
RVCU may put your check on hold if:
• The picture quality is blurry
• The entire check is not within the frame
• We suspect the check was a duplicate of a previously deposited check
• We have questions about the check
• We need to verify that the check is valid
When will my deposited check be available?
Most checks deposited before 11 PM ET will be available for withdrawal the next
business day. Holds may apply.

Questions on EasyDeposit? Call Us: (616) 787-7481.