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eAlerts are easy to set up!   They alert you of certain conditions that exist on your account – if your account balance has fallen below a certain level or your loan payment is due, you will see your eAlerts in your Message Center.  From the Message Center, select eAlert Subscriptions to create your eAlert.

  • NOTE: Balance eAlerts are usually sent about every half hour, although this can vary occasionally based on system activity levels. Other eAlerts are scheduled according to the type of activity.

You can select from the following four options. A valid email is required to receive email notifications or if you select “send the complete alert via email only.”   Enrollment in text banking is required to receive text alerts.

  • Only Secure Message Center – if you select this option, you will only receive an alert in your Secure Message Center.  No email notification is sent.
  • Secure Message Center with email reminder – if you select this option, you will receive an email notification alerting you that you have received an alert and that you should log onto your Secure Message Center to read it.
  • Send complete alert via email only – if you select this option, you will receive full details of the alert directly in the email, including the reason for the alert, the nickname or suffix associated with the alert and the time the alert was activated.  No personal information, such as name or account number, will be sent in the alert message.  If you select this option, your alert in the Secure Online Banking Center will be marked as “Read” and will be deleted after 30 days.
    • NOTE:  eNotices do not offer this alert option.
  • Send a message to my mobile device(s): available only if you are enrolled in text banking.  Select this option to have your e-Alert sent as a text to your mobile device enrolled in text banking.
    • NOTE: For eNotice alerts, the text will alert you that an eNotice is available in the secure online banking message center.